Cardiac diseases

Cardiac diseases

Cardiac markers are biochemicals that can be measured in circulating blood and are sensitive and specific to myocardial injury and its severity, and thus can be used as markers for screening, diagnosis, assessment of prognosis and follow-up of treatment outcomes for myocardial injury.


Cardiac markers are normally present primarily or exclusively in the heart and are released in large amounts by the heart in the presence of cardiac or cardiovascular abnormalities.

    • Product name
    • Catalog NO.
    • Source
    • Usage
    • Platform
    • Anti Myo mAb ABMYOM02
    • Catalog NO. ABMYOM02
    • Source Mouse
    • Usage Labeling
    • Platform GICA, FIA, CLIA, ELISA, Latex
    • Anti Myo mAb ABMYOM01
    • Catalog NO. ABMYOM01
    • Source Mouse
    • Usage Coating
    • Platform GICA, FIA, CLIA, ELISA, Latex
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